Backdoor Experience

We encourage our clients to immerse themselves in the European way of life when they are in Europe.

Let me be frank. Indians have an inherent fear of independent foreign travel. As much as we love to travel abroad, we want the comforting feel of knowing that we have someone to chaperone us around the place. We can’t or are not willing to find our own way through and explore a foreign place.

We get uneasy if we do not have dal chawal or thayirsadam two days in a row. It will be a depressing day if there is no one to gossip to in our mother tongue. The comfort of talking to another countryman is just priceless. This makes us stick together with our own people even when in a foreign country and hesitate to venture out and try different things.

European Backdoors encourages you to break these self-imposed barriers.We want you to abandon your fears of independent foreign travel and enjoy and experience your stay in Europe as a local. We want you appreciate Europe, their food, culture, history, traditions and their way of life. We will help you find the real soul of Europe in quintessential small towns and villages. We want you to experience Europe not as a tourist but as a traveller, as someone who understands and appreciates the European way of life.

We encourage you to pause and admire the architecture of the buildings, understand their history, peep into the past to understand the present, and taste their food and wine. These experiences will give a better understanding of Europe. How many would have known that some of the best wine in the world is from Switzerland. It is so good that they do not have any left to export. Appreciate the local food. Cheese fondue may be famous the world over, but that is not all that the Swiss eat.

We encourage you to take a walking tour with a local expert which will help you understand in detail the town or village that you are visiting. We will help you in identifying these backdoor experiences which will help you come back to India with more memories and emotions than what a few pages of tourist brochures promise to deliver. The backdoor experience will give you a different perspective on what Europe is all about. We encourage you to stay at a village, town or city at least for two nights if not more. This will help you understand and appreciate the place much better. On the first day you might have arrived as a tourist but on the second day, you will approach the place as a local. Your perspective will change.

Our aim is to instil in you the love and passion for independent travel. We want you to believe that you can plan your travels on your own and travel independently in Europe and the world over without the help of any travel agency.

Your interactions with European Backdoors will prepare you to make informed decisions which will hold you in good stead when you plan your trip to Europe. The satisfaction of having one more traveller, not a tourist, pack his bag to Europe, is our goal.