Amsterdam, is one of the most instantly like able cities of Europe and has been well-known for its places of heritage and tourist importance. It is a beautiful blend of the old age opulence and the modern majesty. Modern architecture has developed progressively, between the facades of historical buildings. A casual walk will present scenic beauty all around you.

The city was developed around a dam on the river Amstel at the end of the 12th century. It was called Amstelledamme, which later changed to Amsterdam. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with over 7 million international travelers visiting it annually.

Its beautiful canals and historical edifices make the small city of Amsterdam, one of the most romantic cities of Europe. Its canal cruises are very popular and it gives you a different perspective of the city.

Amsterdam is also known for its tolerance and diversity. Its rich culture, lively nightlife, international restaurants, and excellent transport facilities provide it a ‘big city’ character. In spite of these, the city has a little road trafficand is mostly quiet thanks to its extensive canals.

When to Visit

Summer time is the peak tourist season. Hence, April and May, which is just before the summer or September and November, which is immediately after it, would mean fewer tourist and hence lesser crowd wherever you go! The temperature is milder and the whole city presents a charming picture. Enjoy Amsterdam in its laid-back bliss, just like the locals do.

How to go

By Air

One of the top European destinations, Amsterdam, can be reached easily by air, land and sea.

If you choose to fly, low costairlines within Europe and direct international flights from outside Europe serve Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Europe’s fourth largest airport, which located a few kilometers away from the city center.

The Schiphol International Airport and Amsterdam Central Station are connected by a direct link railway line. It is the most convenient form of transport to the city center. It is also the fastest. Every 10 minutes, the Platforms 1 and 2 have trains ready for departure, in the main arrival plaza.

By Rail

The city is connected well to other European destinations through high speed trains that operate from Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside on these train journeys. From London, you can take the Eurostar to reach Amsterdam in less than 5 hours.

Places to see


Rijksmuseumproudly possesses the Rembrandts, Vermeers and over 7500 other masterpieces over 1.5 km of galleries. It is undoubtedly the art trove of Netherlands. Pre-booking tickets online will help you gain a fast-track entry or visiting the place after 3 pm would help you avoid the crowd.
The highlight of the place are the works from the Golden Age. Enjoy the still lives, the gentlemen in ruffled collars, beautiful landscapes in yellow light and of course, the pride of Museum, Rembrandt’s classic, The Night Watch (1642).

The highlight of the place are the works from the Golden Age. Enjoy the still lives, the gentlemen in ruffled collars, beautiful landscapes in yellow light and of course, the pride of Museum, Rembrandt’s classic The Night Watch (1642).

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palaceis located on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. It is one of the three palaces still used by the Royal Family. The King, Willem-Alexander, usually receives important guests here, but does not use it as his residence. The palace is 350 years old and started off as the City Hall of Amsterdam. It was transformed into a palace by King Louis Napoleon Bonaparte in 1808. Visitors admire the marble floors, marvelous paintings, stunning sculptures, massive chandeliers. There is also an exhibition conducted annually.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Goghpainted just for about a decade. But what he left behind is a legacy of paintings and drawings along with his severed left ear! Van Gogh’s own work is the highlight of this museum. It is the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, ranging from dark, gloomy pieces like the Skull of the Skeleton with Burning Cigarette, to the delicate Sunflowers.

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardensreceives its yearly pilgrims of botanists, flower-lovers and tourists from all over the world. The famous flower gardens flaunt the vibrant tulips, the bright orchids and the snow fluttering blossoms. Kuekenhof Gardens is located in the town Lisse, which take just a short bus trip from Amsterdam. Over 800,000 tourists visit the gardens from around the world, when it opens in March to May, for 8 weeks. It exhibits nearly 7 million bulbs that are planted every year.


The park dates back to 1857 and it was landscaped in the English garden style with ponds, lawns and footbridges, providing an urban idyllic ambience and a magical environment. On a sunny day, an open-air party atmosphere ensues when tourists, lovers, cyclists, in-line skaters, pram-pushing parents, cartwheeling children, football-kicking teenagers, spliff-sharing friends and champagne-swilling picnickers all come out to play.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank Houseis the most popular sight in the city and it is common for people to line up 30 minutes prior to the opening time and those lines seem to grow throughout the day. Tourists throng the museum to taking in videos, reading quotes and seeing photographs of the house taken when the Frank family was hiding there. At the request of Anne’s father, Mr. Otto, the house now remains barren and unfurnished. The museum overwhelms us with its emotional power, wrought from the relics of its horrid past.