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European Vacation

Europe…The dream destination of travelers the world over! The one continent that inspires interest and intrigue, for its history, culture, sights and sumptuous food.

We Indians have been long mesmerized by the enchanting visuals of Europe’s snow-clad mountains and lush green valleys in umpteen movies and it has been the dream destination of every holiday seeker. A European vacation is a great way to destress and your joyous moments spent in Europe form a life-long memory. Hence, it is only justifiable that you want to have a stress-free, safe, and cost effective vacation according to your convenience where you decide when you want to have a vacation, where you want to go for vacation, and what you see during your vacation!

Unfortunately, Europe is an expensive holiday destination. Hence the cost factor leaves the traveller not many options but to join an escorted group tour. Though group tours may appear to be cheaper, unfortunately, the date of departure, the tour itinerary and the places that you will visit are decided by the tour operator.

Isn’t it odd that you don’t get to decide all of these important factors for your own vacation?


Embarking on an independent vacation in Europe does bring forth its own challenges. The key questions that hit you first are – How to travel, when to travel, where to stay, what to see?

These are the questions that pop up when you consider to travel independently. The lack of time and resources to research on these aspects and come up with a doable and cost effective itinerary discourages people from independent travel to Europe. Some tour operators do have customized tours, but most of them are limited to booking your hotels and some standard pre-set sightseeing options.

Plan your Trip With Us

This is where EuropeanBackdoors.Com comes in.

We will interact with you on a one to one basis to understand your requirements, your tastes and preferences, places that you wish to visit in Europe, your likes and dislikes, food habits, interests in European art, music, architecture, food and culture, the number of people that will be traveling with you and other specific inputs that you would wish to let us take note of.

Once we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in your vacation in Europe, we will provide you with information on suggested places to visit, hotels and B&Bs, restaurants, quaint villages and towns that have unique character and are much more interesting to visit than the big soulless tourist traps that are routinely plugged in by big tour operators.

We enable you with these inputs to let you decide where to travel in Europe and how to travel in Europe. We lay down the facts and let you do the choosing. We empower you with enough knowledge that would impart confidence in you to embark on your independent vacation to Europe.

We don’t just stop at that. We will advise you on how to make train and bus bookings; whether to choose a rail pass or book point to point tickets; how to buy museum and monument passes online so that you can skip the lines and be on your way in a jiffy and help you meet up with local guides who will be proud and happy to show you around their hometown. We will advise you on what festivals are happening in and around Europe so that you can plan your trip around them. We will even guide you how to pack light and pack right for your European sojourn. We also provide comprehensive advice on visa application procedures and help you with your visa documentations so that you can receive your tourist visas without much hassles.

Right from conception to execution of your independent vacation to Europe, EuropeanBackdoors.Com will be your friend, guide and travel partner.

We make Travel Independent. We make Travel Bespoke. We make Travel Cost Effective.