What We Do


We ensure that you, and only you, are in charge of all decision making aspects of your European vacation.We help you decide when, where and how to travel in Europe. We provide you with information on the places to visit, hotels and local B&Bs to stay, restaurants to eat, and visit the must-see villages and towns. We let you decide on the itinerary after checking the facts we provide you with. We will guide you on booking train tickets in Europe.. We help you choose between a rail pass and a point-to-point ticket. We guide you in buying a museum or monument pass or concert tickets online. We furnish you details of the festivals and events happening in and around Europe at the time of your visit so that you can incorporate them to your itinerary if needed.

We will help you through your Visa process including with advice on documentation,

We will constantly interact with you and iron out all doubts that you may have, before you leave for your vacation and will be available online and over phone during your vacation should the need arise. In short, EuropeanBackdoors.Com will be your friend, guide, and travel partner on your independent vacation to Europe.

We promise


You should take your vacation as per your convenience on the dates that you want to take your vacations and only on your terms and not at the convenience, dates or terms of your tour company. Unfortunately, travellers opting for guided tour packages find themselves fitting their vacation schedule to match the departure dates of the tour company.

We at EuropeanBackdooors.Com will empower you with enough information so that you can plan each and every step of your European vacation itinerary exactly as you had envisaged. Thus by embarking on an individual customized vacation, you are no longer bound to take holiday as per others’ convenience. We will ensure that your itinerary is customized entirely as per your convenience, traveling style, food habits, interests in art, culture and architecture, and other likes and dislikes. We will enable and empower you to create a bespoke customized itinerary for yourself.


We help you plan your itinerary in such a way that you have maximum flexibility to plan your European Tour. If planning to visit Italy, but you are not a big enthusiast of arts, then we will avoid a visit to the Uffizi Gallery while you are in Florence. Instead, if you are a connoisseur of a good wine, we could include a tour to a winery tour in Tuscany. If you like mountains and natural beauty, we could increase the time spent in the Alps or the Swiss countryside.

We will provide you information on the places to stay, local tours to take, tickets to museums and concerts, select restaurants to suit your palate, and choose the right trains, boats and public transportation to crisscross Europe. We will collaborate with you right from the planning stage, the visa application process, to the time you leave for your vacation, and even right through your vacation till you land back in India. EuropeanBackdoors.com will be with you through each and every stage of your Europe trip planning.

We would suggest that you start your Europe vacation planning at the earliest with us, preferably at least 6 months before you intend to begin your Europe tour. This would enable us not only to plan the perfect itinerary based on your requirement, preferences, likes and dislikes, but also to choose the cheapest options possible because last minute travel could see prices of air travel and hotels go through the roof.


We do not encourage coach (bus) tours. Travelling is about exploring and knowing places. To travel right, you need to interact with the locals to see beautiful places and experience the European lifestyle! By riding a train or a public bus you are immediately exposed to the European way of life. Walk as much as possible. Meet the locals.


At EuropeanBackdoors.com, we encourage travellers to take the less traveled path. A guided Coach tour can never provide an off the beaten track Backdoor experience. Travelers availing package / guided tours to Europe are expected to travel a minimum of 4 to 6 hours in a bus on most days. Travelling almost every day, in a rush to cover all the possible tourist places, within the stipulated time, does not allow any room for a relaxed holiday. The very purpose of travel thus gets defeated. Moreover, quaint villages that are off the beaten track are usually inaccessible to huge coaches, and hence these group tours ignore these villages, which in our opinion, is where you will have the opportunity to experience the magic of the backdoors of Europe. These rarely seen beautiful places can be in your itinerary only if you travel by local public transport. You are thus empowered to make your vacation more enriching and rewarding. Happy Holidays at European countries.