EuropeanBackdoors.Com strives to bring the quintessential backdoor experience to traveling through European countries. Europe is the one of the most visited places with more jaw dropping scenery and amazing history jam packed per square mile than any other place on Earth.

Currently, the most popular recourse for a tourist wishing to travel to Europe is to join a conducted group tour offered by various travel companies. Unfortunately, in conducted tours you end up spending more time in the bus and shifting hotels every day rather than enjoy the beauty and glory of Europe.

Independent Travel To Europe

The brave souls plan their vacations themselves, which though very rewarding, is a very painstaking and tedious procedure. This is where EuropeanBackdoors.Com comes in. We help to overcome this barrier by planning individual itineraries as per the requirement of the client, keeping in mind their likes and dislikes and enable them to get off the beaten track and travel in Europe as a local and experience the European backdoors. We provide information on affordable bed and breakfast hotels, hiking and camping facilities, local restaurants, bakeries and sightseeing options. We strive to fulfil the dream of having a wonderful European holiday which is bespoke, off the beaten path, with a unique backdoors insight, which is personalized and affordable.

EuropeanBackdoors.Com is a young travel start-up curated by Mr. Parameswar Subash, who is a passionate Europhile and an independent travel enthusiast. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe over the past several years, deeply admiring its nature, society, history, food and all things European and truly appreciating the cultural melting pot that Europe is today.

EuropeanBackdoors.Com is an endeavour to share his travel experiences in Europe with other travellers who are zealous of independent travel but do not have the time and resources to plan an independent trip to Europe.