Another year has passed by and it is now time to make plans for vacations for the current year. A trip to any place in the world would be an inviting option. You would plan amazing adventures to exotic locations but unfortunately, put them on the backburner as immediately as you had dreamt them up. Something always comes up that destroys your plans and with a lot of heartache, you put your travel plans off for the next time as you wait for that perfect opportunity for you to travel.

Let me let you into a secret. This “tomorrow” is never going to come. You will always be able to find an excuse as to why today is just isn’t the right day. It is a myth that all the stars will align together favorably and you’ll find that perfect day to step out of your door and into the world.

Today might not be the perfect day – but neither is tomorrow.

Tomorrow, there will still be bills to pay.
Tomorrow, there won’t still be enough money.
Tomorrow, there will still be someone’s wedding to attend or a birthday party to go to.
Tomorrow, there will still be planning to do.
Tomorrow, you still won’t know if you are making the right decision.
Tomorrow, you will still second guess yourself.
Tomorrow, people you know will still sow the seeds of doubt in your head.
Tomorrow, you’ll still worry about all the bad stuff that might happen to you.
Tomorrow, you’ll still find yourself putting off the preparation for one more day.
Tomorrow, you’ll find another excuse why you need to postpone your vacation.

Tomorrow will never be perfect.

When that tomorrow does come, you’ll say to yourself, “Today isn’t the right day. Let’s try again tomorrow.”

But that tomorrow will never come.

Tomorrow will always be some vague day in the future.
One fine day you’ll find that you’ve run out of tomorrows.
You’ll then be filled with nothing but sadness and regret.

So stop waiting. Stop making excuses.
Today is your day. Today is the right time to travel.
Forget about tomorrow. Just go.
It’s a new year. It’s full of possibility. Give wings to your dreams.