Best Time to Visit Europe

One of the most important questions that comes to mind before planning a trip to Europe is when do we go to Europe. I would say that though any time is a best time to visit Europe, as Europe is an all year destination, I would prefer to go to Europe either during May and June or September and October, when prices are more reasonable, Europe is less crowded and the weather is not that bad.

Even though Europe’s climate varies vastly through its huge geographic span, the peak season for international tours to Europe is June to August. Summer is a best time to go to Europe given its long hours of sunshine which means you can sightsee for 16 hours or more, but on the flip side, you have to cope with huge crowds, high temperatures and packed hotels.

Travelers from all over the world crowd into Europe during summer, making it more expensive and unaffordable. Americans and Europeans like summer months as best time to go and this is the time most of them travel to and within Europe. August is also the month when the Italians and the French have their annual holidays. Seaside resorts and hotels will be jam packed.

Everywhere, there will be queues, even for filling your water bottle at the water fountain. You will need to wait hours in sweltering heat outside museums and still you will be lucky to get inside. Many smaller hotels and B&Bs in Europe may not have air conditioners. They did not anticipate global warming so soon. Temperatures in Europe during peak summer are in the high 30°C and could reach even up to 40°C and more. Europeans swear that it gets hotter every year. Expect very hot days, especially if you are in the southern part of Europe like Greece, Italy or Spain. Even Switzerland will be hot and sultry during peak summer.

Peak summer season For North Europe

If you really have no option but to travel during the peak summer season, then travel to the north of Europe to countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, northern Germany, Ireland and the UK. You could also visit the new entrants to Schengen namely Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You will have much better climate there.

If you plan to go to Europe tour during peak summer, then be prepared to start planning at least six to eight months in advance. You need to book your air tickets and hotel accommodations months earlier to get, not only a cheaper price, but also because the but because the hotels fill up fast. Also, book the must see attractions online or get city museum passes online. Else you may as well spend your entire holiday in queues.

Jam packed with tourists in summer, the cost of hotels, tourist services, attractions, etc. sky rocket. All tourist destinations throughout Europe will be more expensive during the peak season.

This makes spring and autumn ideal times to visit, since the crowds would have dispersed and rooms are priced more reasonable and airfares are much cheaper, and the weather is milder.

I would go further and suggest that the best time for Indians is to travel to Europe would be during April and May when the schools are closed here in India and it is the time of the Great Indian Summer, else plan for a trip in mid-September or October which are the shoulder seasons for travel.